Life (Remix #2)

Life, a continuous backing away from the edge.
Life, a slave to the money then you die.
Life, never walk under ladders.

I’m here in my mould, life.
I’ll take you up on a dare, life.
I’ll take you down the road, life.

Bitter sweet symphony, sing to me.
I’ll keep the airwaves free.
I’ll let the melody shine.

Original Sources:
The Girls. Emma Cline. Line 1
Bitter Sweet Symphony. The Verve. Lines 2, 4, 6-9
Life. Desiree. Lines 3, 5


Swimming in Winter

I signed away my right to go outside,

seeking asylum from my thoughts.

My roommate slept all day and woke at night

speaking gibberish– her name was either ‘Marnie’ or ‘Marry me.’

In the common room, I danced salsa with a boy who jumped off a bridge

because God told him to.  A cop dragged him out of the river

and asked him what the hell he was doing.

“I was swimming.”

“In winter?”

A musician played me his off-key compositions.

I didn’t tell him his songs hurt my head.

I didn’t want to drop him from mania to whatever I was in.

The young girl who refused dinner

came around begging for dessert.

She gobbled up all the pudding then called us names.

We watched as she wrestled the orderlies,

her face flushed, body surging, imperious.

Later, we passed by the quiet room

to see her dancing by herself.

I suppose it was a good sign

we were still singing and dancing.



Word Prompt: commit


Soul (Remix #1)

I slept and dreamt that I was a flower,
born to blossom; bloom to perish.

I awoke and saw that I was a weed,
I weeded and found that I was the soil.

Remix of:

Born to blossom; bloom to perish.
From song ‘What You Waiting For’ by GWEN STEFANI

I slept and dreamed that life was joy,
I awoke and saw that life was duty,
I acted, and behold duty was joy.

I slept, and dreamed that life was Beauty;
I woke, and found that life was Duty.
Was thy dream then a shadowy lie?
Toil on, sad heart, courageously,
And thou shalt find thy dream to be
A noonday light and truth to thee.

Word Prompt: blossom