Oh, my long-lost cousin!

I had lunch with a long-lost cousin;
we both ordered salmon
and steaks for our mums:
two sisters sat across two near-sisters,
each unspooling a thread
from common memory.

She told the story
of our grandfather, the traveler;
we spoke of the departed,
and heaven on earth.
The storyteller swapped when plates were brought
and the stories were stoked by heat from the hearth.

Hours later, our mothers fed and happy,
we leaned closer and whispered to each other.
“You look exactly the same,”
I spoke from the heart.
The lines of her face hadn’t changed, but were cleaner,
a jewel crystallizing while we were apart.

“Oh, my lost-long cousin!” she said,
in her throat was a laugh,
in her eyes was a spark;
In my self I sensed two wires reaching,
latching, catching,
jump-starting the car.




do be do be do

we used to play with each other
big cats on the savannah
safe in our mother’s mouth
biting our father’s mane

we used to imagine
life when we grew up
the things we would do
the people we would be

we are now defined
by the things we won’t do
and the people we won’t see
We are proud of it!

When did impotent
become important?



Manic Monday Challenge: ‘Imagine’ – John Lennon