do be do be do

we used to play with each other
big cats on the savannah
safe in our mother’s mouth
biting our father’s mane

we used to imagine
life when we grew up
the things we would do
the people we would be

we are now defined
by the things we won’t do
and the people we won’t see
We are proud of it!

When did impotent
become important?



Manic Monday Challenge: ‘Imagine’ – John Lennon

Roof Access

Remember the day we spent with the ravers?
They led us, single file, under timers, over lasers

to the roof– the naughtiest thing you and I had ever done.
We waited for alarms that would never come.

They pulled a bong from a backpack.
We declined and watched their flame sail and slack

in the wind. I calculated the cost of this caper:
A fine? A permanent mark on my paper.

You wouldn’t look at me, why?
Your eyes skipped the river to the city, adulthood, the sky

as the call of a coxswain floated up to us.
We did not have the vocabulary to discuss

the ways we were choosing to cross that river:
team rower, solo sailor, tourist cruiser.



Word Prompt: caper