“You will not replace us!”

The machine chooses its targets willy-nilly,
using one man’s heel
to crush another’s head.
Both left bruised, bleeding or dead.

You are not special
to the machine.
You are an open window,
a crime of opportunity,

possession, not power.
The machine cloaks itself
in your passions, your ambition
and cherished tradition.

It will mount your wings
to reach the sun,
knowing full well
that you will melt.

“You will not replace us!” as reported by Washington Post

do be do be do

we used to play with each other
big cats on the savannah
safe in our mother’s mouth
biting our father’s mane

we used to imagine
life when we grew up
the things we would do
the people we would be

we are now defined
by the things we won’t do
and the people we won’t see
We are proud of it!

When did impotent
become important?



Manic Monday Challenge: ‘Imagine’ – John Lennon