“I seem to spend my life searching for patterns;
what if there isn’t one?” – DCI Vera Stanhope

I may have read too many detective novels as a child, since I’ve been investigating life like it was a crime. I sought the solution somewhere between physics, philosophy, psychology & psalms, between phenomena & the perceiver, an area well canvassed by poetry.

I write to make meaning. In order for that meaning to be attached to reality, make sense or have value to others, I live life. This is the work/play of my personal blog:

Live life; make meaning.

The complement of writing is reading the work of others, which is enjoyable and enriching, if not instructive. I share the works of others in my collaboration blog:


As you can see, I like to put things together that would otherwise remain separate, whether those things are words or pictures, people or places, online and off.

“Life is a mystery, not a riddle.
It has to be lived, not solved.”
‘When the Shoe Fits’ by Osho