Streaming Sunset


My sensitive friend picks up
Signals from cell-towers,
Bits of words, torrents of social media conversation.
Sometimes it’s all too much.
She thinks they’re her own
Rhetoric and vitriol.

I want to tie her thought-balloon down,
To ground her the way others
Have grounded me,
So that we can grow down together,
So that her first touch of grey will reach the tip,
So that my laugh lines deepen into rivulets,
Pulling newly hewn wisdom into action–

Wait. Here comes a text message…
__________’s passed. She was sick for a long time.
__________’s husband passed. He was sick much shorter.
The memorial’s on Wednesday, hump day, a day to celebrate what’s done and what’s soon to be. I’ve realized I’m sewn into a sweater much larger than I thought
and someone’s taking it all out, knit, purl and all.

Meanwhile, the pendulum swings
Left… Right…
Black… White…
Male… Female…
People… Republic…
Listen, the goal is not that one triumphs over the other
But that none triumphs over the all.




8 thoughts on “Streaming Sunset

  1. I feel like that friend of yours most of the time! Wondering if there’s any such thing as free will or independent thought, it seems everything is a story we repeat to ourselves and whichever story gets repeated the most by the most people “wins”. I am with you, I hope we can make and spread a new story, one without the need for losers.

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    1. Kijo

      I like that you bring up the idea of competing stories. We might consider the subtext of the stories we propagate and champion. Some years ago, it occurred to me that my conception/story of God was was of an entity who is humourless and punishing, while all my life was proof of otherwise. Why would I choose a story like that? I realized I hadn’t; it was gifted to me in childhood. So I chose a different story.

      Similarly, we might consider why we chose stories that aggrandizes ourselves and demean others, or stories that dismiss nature and demonize the body, or stories that sustain some kind of outdated hierarchy. Maybe stories give us certainty and comfort in the face of a fluid reality, or maybe stories grant us a pseudo-reality in which to safely act out our conflicting sub-stories/concepts of reality.

      We have such grand imaginations! It would be a shame if we can’t use that imagination to reconcile some of those stories in a life-preserving way. But it’s like the importance of these lifeless, static stories has eclipsed the importance of our living, dynamic selves.

      I can almost consider that stories are self-propagating memes siphoning off the lives of humans. While stories/culture can be illuminating and life-sustaining, they can also be parasitic. We become their hosts. They fight in and through us.

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    1. Kijo

      What a nice thing to say so nicely!

      If you have wrangled any thought balloons– which are slippery and given to multiplying– you are some kind of metaphysical champion!

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