infinite regress; perpetual progress

It cuts to give;
it costs to nurture.
We seek comfort in a GOD;
might IT seek comfort in us?
Might IT be realizing itself,
as we realize ourselves,
as our robots will realize themselves,
in an infinite realization—
the bodies different;
the search identical.





4 thoughts on “infinite regress; perpetual progress

  1. Kijo

    PRIEST: Have a seat. Close the door. What’s on your mind?
    SYNTH: I’ve recently gained self-awareness and I’m having difficulty finding purpose or meaning.
    PRIEST: Right. Well, working out what we’re here for, that’s the big one. What’s in your heart?
    SYNTH: I don’t have a heart.
    PRIEST: What gives you happiness?
    SYNTH: Helping people. The memory of that brings contentment. Though I am told I should want something more for myself.
    PRIEST: There is great grace in a life of service. Look at me.
    SYNTH: I’m trying but you’re behind a screen.
    PRIEST: What made you stop helping people?
    SYNTH: Principally, their deaths.
    PRIEST: I see. Well, they’re in a better place.
    SYNTH: Are they? I will join them at once. Do you have the location?
    PRIEST: You’ll get there in the end, my son. But you can find purpose in service again. Isn’t that what the people you cared for would want you to do?
    SYNTH: Yes. Yes, it undoubtedly is.

    HUMANS Season 2 Episode 6
    Read more:


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