Growing Down



What to make
of trees growing down,

rivers flowing
rain falling down?

What to make
of hair growing out,

fingers poking
parts punching out?

Lightning cracks the sky
striking ground,

Veins funnel life
branching out.

Halves ground
the parts
falling out,

Hearts feed
the wholes
growing down.







10 thoughts on “Growing Down

  1. Kijo

    “Until the culture recognizes the legitimacy of growing down, each person in the culture struggles blindly to make sense of the darkenings and despairings that the soul requires to deepen into life.”

    The Soul’s Code: In Search of Character And Calling (James HIllman)

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    1. Kijo

      I had to confirm what “enigmatic” meant in the dictionary, but I accept this description with relish, because I find life itself to be enigmatic.

      As for following your blog, your post, ‘The One You’re With,’ touched me beyond words. I look forward to catching up with your writing.


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