Old Transmissions

I miss the clutch in our old car, father’s hand
engulfing the round knob of the gear shift each morning
as he slipped us into the flow of traffic.
The groan of the car made it clear
changing gear took effort,
that inertia was best met
with steady step and gentle grip.

My mother doesn’t miss those days
struggling at the roundabout,
stalling on the long slope to city centre.
Her automatic starts and stops at will,
no fuss, no sound, without straining,
without the thoughtfulness of old transmissions.






18 thoughts on “Old Transmissions

    1. Kijo

      Modern technology hides the cost of motion, of work. In the future, they may not understand any of it…. or maybe the people of the future will say our ancient technology hid the ease of motion, of work. Who knows?

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  1. My Mom had a stick shift for a while. Say said it made driving more fun and more present to your driving. But less and less cars have that capability anymore.

    And don’t get me started on my beliefs on self-driving car… it had can just self-drive itself away from our working world. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? Right. :angry face:


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    1. Kijo

      Ha ha ha! Yes, the self-driving car will make us nostalgic for any kind of driving. What about maps? Shall we dispense with those too? I once pulled out a paper map from the driver’s side pocket and proceeded to outmanoeuvre my passenger’s cellphone GPS. Take that, technology! 🙂

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  2. I miss it too. I loved the sense of community when people would stop and help push the car. Now they pass you as they stare you down as if it is your fault that the car gave up on you. For this reason I never miss a AAA renewal.

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