The two girls with sensible shoes
approached me with dated complements,
so I slid down the park bench
for Sister K and Sister N.
“I don’t believe in anything anymore.”
They deciphered my words,
as I studied their actions:
the way Sister K sat like a pillar
and Sister N stared at the visage of her partner.

Sister K pulled a book from her bag
then gave a preamble
that was about as long as 15 minutes of coming attractions at the cinema.
Surely nothing could live up to this, I thought, glancing
at Sister N, whose eyes remained transfixed, her lips parting.
Sister K’s voice was steady, finger wedged between the hidden pages.
I understood they thought
to give me something precious.
so I received it as such.

They showed me the painting
of their prophet in the woods watching
as one god-man pointed to another,
the way Sister N’s eyes pointed to Sister K,
and I sat basking
in her projected glory.





9 thoughts on “Witnesses

  1. marvel

    It was a memorable interaction? Well, that’s probably the gorgeous thing about such stories as yours. I read it and think I do not understand what it is because I am too uneducated. it is only about knowing the author or / and the story is deliberately in a way, that everyone is pulled out of the hole of his own truth. I enjoy to get to know authors better to understand their statements, but this often does not work. You did not understand the girls’ message? Just as I do not understand the title. “one god-man pointed to another” reminds me of the Sistine Chapel …i think your story is wonderful to think about…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kijo

      “that everyone is pulled out of the hole of his own truth”

      That is a beautiful line. We live in holes of truth, but everyone looks up at the same sky. We don’t need to know everything about another person’s hole. We just look at what they are pointing.

      You understand what matters! Yes, the Sistine Chapel is like “one god-man pointing to another.”

      I understood the girls’ message. One god-man pointing to another is a message in many religions. One man points to another, one girl points to another, one writer points to another. No one wants to be looked at.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. marvel

        hmm, this is very difficult to understand, especially since I am still struggling with the translation. For me it really was two sisters, who are striving for your favor, and you know that both are wrong with their assumptions.
        But you are probably right, you can not and should not understand everything. In a personal way that can be of course extremely painful. But what is it good for? Nothing! Everything that is not face to face clarified, and everything that is dedicated to art, and in the rooms of fantasy, has no validity for our reality and is based on believe. One can wonder what can be more cruel reality or fantasy, but maybe only for the poor drip, who can not separate this.

        Liked by 1 person

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