The Touch of the Vertical

If you’re running in circles,
chasing the past
to catch the future,

you will find
in your fall
the touch
of the vertical.




5 thoughts on “The Touch of the Vertical

  1. Kijo

    “The horizontal world of conditioning is a time-driven, labor-intensive, multidimensional universe, extending far beyond its junction with the vertical. To the left, as far as the mind can see, is time past, and to the right is the infinite expanse of time future. Since the future and past have no reality outside thought, the horizontal universe is both composed and driven by concepts. this means it has no true authenticity other than the validity we give an idea or image. The only uncontested point is the here and now, at the place where it bisects with the vertical universe. The person living on the horizontal rarely acknowledges the touch of the vertical; there is little interest in a timeless universe.”

    Stepping Out of Self-Deception by Rodney Smith


  2. So, so true. Which is why I have trained myself to live on the razor edge of now. But if you look deeper, into the quantum universe, it’s actually hard to find a “now…” That too could be an illusion because it needs a time-frame. What is “now?” A minute? A second? A micro-second? A quantum heart beat? The past is gone. The future is merely a concept. And the razor edge of now is still hard to capture. So where does that leave us?

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    1. Kijo

      I’m amazed you’ve trained yourself to live in the now.

      “Where does that leave us?”

      That is a big question. I imagine that at some point you detach from even the concept of now, which you no longer need when you aren’t conjuring up a past or future. If now is everything, there is no need for the now and the not now. But that is just my imagination.

      The book where I got the phrase “touch of the vertical,” which I’ve quoted in the first comment in this post, says that the spiritual journey is regaining the balance between the vertical (timeless) and the horizontal (past-now-future) and “requires surrendering an exclusive perspective from either vantage point.”

      If this is true, then those of us who are attracted to timelessness like a moth to a flame will just have to circle/straddle the now until our (perceived?) death. Perhaps death itself is spiraling into the now. I don’t know.

      Thank you so much for your comment.

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      1. “The now and the not now.” Beautiful phrase you just coined. I gotta use it…in my blog…at some point. I love it! The vertical is the only reality. The horizontal is just a dream. Beyond that, your response is going to require some deep thinking on my part.

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