All The Other Tables Were Taken

I was sitting alone at a cafe. All the other tables were taken. In he walks, and approaches mine. He asks; I motion; he sits. We exchange a few sentences, and many glances. Then finally..

“It’s too noisy in here.”
“Want to go talk in my car?”

The End.

Or rather, The Beginning.


8 thoughts on “All The Other Tables Were Taken

  1. Well, I really loved the romantic impulses of this piece but being a parent having seen too many moons and newscasts I found myself screaming, “NOOOOOOOO!” Devise a better, safer plan B.

    Isn’t this how people disappear? Sorry to be a downer! It’s the parent in me. I do love the romantic sentiment. How about sitting on a bench outside in the snow?

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    1. Kijo

      I understand. It is not something I would recommend to anyone.

      I’m not someone that courts risk; most of my life I’ve played it safe, almost to the point of paralyzation. That’s probably why I took this big risk: to escape the shell I had built.

      The ideal, where a person’s life is safe enough to be long but interesting enough not to atrophy, would be to take many smaller risks rather than few bigger risks.

      On the hand, I’ve taken 5 gigantic risks in my life and they paid off handsomely– not in terms of money or respectability, but in terms of self-realization. So, what can I say?

      Don’t apologize; I welcome ideas. Sitting on a bench outside the cafe would’ve been a more moderate, still romantic, reasonable choice. Yes. And thank you for your comment. 🙂


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