Zombie Apocalypse

We first saw them in dark spaces: cinemas, bars, clubs.

They were few and it was rare.  We didn’t know enough to worry.


Then our friends, the people we worked with, started to show signs:

unfinished sentences; repetitive motions; insatiable appetite.


It became obvious when it spread everywhere:

A circle of friends, standing outside at lunch break, feeding;

A family of four, sitting at a restaurant table in silence, heads down;

A car idling at the green light…


We didn’t partake, but it began to gnaw at us.

There was something about the equation,

action-reaction, constancy, feedback, loop,

creating mountains of more,

the sun never setting on it,

people creating symbols,

symbols begetting symbols,

symbols eating people.


All those ideas

vying for your brain:

they want someplace to live.



Word Prompt: snack




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