live & learn

I don’t know what natty means, but here I am writing.  Resistance rises from my belly, through the back, to the neck & shoulders.  Is this natty, the body’s reaction to the state of not knowing?  Shouldn’t not knowing grant freedom?  Here I am, hands flying, while my mind says, “What a minute!  Wait a minute!  How can you start without knowing?  How can you continue without knowing?  Look it up!  It would be so easy.  This is the electronic age.  Everyone knows everything but learns nothing.  Tether yourself to definition.  Sure, it will limit the things you do, but it will be much safer.  You won’t make stupid mistakes, like you are now.

I don’t know what life means, but here I am writing. Write out of the wilderness onto the paved surface of knowing!  Subsist from sentence to sentence, every word spoken not knowing you will live, every step taken not knowing you will land.

Word Prompt: natty


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