Monthly Archives: June 2017

Zombie Apocalypse

We first saw them in dark spaces: cinemas, bars, clubs.

They were few and it was rare.  We didn’t know enough to worry.


Then our friends, the people we worked with, started to show signs:

unfinished sentences; repetitive motions; insatiable appetite.


It became obvious when it spread everywhere:

A circle of friends, standing outside at lunch break, feeding;

A family of four, sitting at a restaurant table in silence, heads down;

A car idling at the green light…


We didn’t partake, but it began to gnaw at us.

There was something about the equation,

action-reaction, constancy, feedback, loop,

creating mountains of more,

the sun never setting on it,

people creating symbols,

symbols begetting symbols,

symbols eating people.


All those ideas

vying for your brain:

they want someplace to live.



Word Prompt: snack




Buried Alive

Father a poet,
Mother a prophet,
Sister a painter,
What am I?

A puppy,
A pawn,
A people-pleaser,
my disguise from others.

I came to this planet
naked, unafraid and found
people swapped costumes
like playing cards.

A baby, A girl, A woman.
Mini, Miss, Ma’am.
Each a respectable role.
Each a code of behaviour.

But the customary dress
now gives me hives.
Do I disrobe & be deemed a liar,
or do I stay buried alive?



Word Prompt: Illusion

Swimming in Winter

I signed away my right to go outside,

seeking asylum from my thoughts.

My roommate slept all day and woke at night

speaking gibberish– her name was either ‘Marnie’ or ‘Marry me.’

In the common room, I danced salsa with a boy who jumped off a bridge

because God told him to.  A cop dragged him out of the river

and asked him what the hell he was doing.

“I was swimming.”

“In winter?”

A musician played me his off-key compositions.

I didn’t tell him his songs hurt my head.

I didn’t want to drop him from mania to whatever I was in.

The young girl who refused dinner

came around begging for dessert.

She gobbled up all the pudding then called us names.

We watched as she wrestled the orderlies,

her face flushed, body surging, imperious.

Later, we passed by the quiet room

to see her dancing by herself.

I suppose it was a good sign

we were still singing and dancing.



Word Prompt: commit