earth-woman to space-man

Infinity, you offer me,
but look what you’ve done
with all that came before…

I am zero, a roundness
that gave birth to you
and you gave birth to war!





Thin Skin

Their short-legged dog is trembling.
It winds between our legs,
through the turnstiles of our love,
but no number of pats can sate,
no manner of stroking and talking
and looking into its brown eyes.
Hey, I feel the same, I sympathize.
Inside, I’m trembling too
at this gathering of semi-strangers–
don’t want to be noticed
yet don’t wish to be ignored.

We tremble together
on the porch
on a hot summer day.




Shoudda, Woudda, Coudda

Wood, Wind & Water

shoudda turned back at the ten-dollar
outta state parking, but he didn’t say no

to my idea, the day trip,
though, he wore a wide-brimmed hat
and his darkest glasses

parked by the beach, took the walkway
past fishermen bait boxes, yet he coudda said stop

to the sunlight skating on the sea like the smile on my face,
no, his gaze skipped and dropped like a rock

there’s a joint in the path, a place
where silver railings and stiff concrete
give way to weary wood

where i gave way to would

for my beloved was weathered
but, unlike the wind and the water,
i stopped reaching